Think I know where we are!

But what happened to all that sunshine we saw thru the door? This is a strange place. Guess we will have to go thru this cemetary to get to the Lake. Let's go see where that music is coming from.

Better stay away from the "Keeper" on the left there! Sure do not want to go with him!

Hmmm. This guy down here looks pretty comfortable!

AHA! Here is the Musician!

Wow! these guys can really "jam", can't they?

Guess this is not such a bad place after all.
They all seem to be enjoying themselves, anyway.

But now all this jammin' has made us even warmer and sweatier than before.
We need to find the way to that Lake, so we can cool off a little

Hey! Look! A couple kids have sneaked in here to dance to these Muscians!

Uh, think we need to tippytoe around these guys!


Listen!     Oh. She says she's the Spirit of Happy Halloween.

She says to go to the Lake,
Enter thru the Magic Window, below.!


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