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The Essence Of The Spirit Bear

The striking white coat of British Colombia's rare spirit bear is the only thing that differentiates the bear from the ordinary black bear. Now researchers have discovered that a change in a single gene is responsible for the difference. Only 100 to 200 of the spirit, or kermode, bears remain in the rain forests of the British Colombian coast. To study the genetics of these bears, Kermit Ritland and colleagues at the University of British Colombia collected and analyzed hair shed by the animals. They discovered a change in a single base pair of a recessive gene responsible for telling certain cells to make black and yellow pigment. The change stops the production of both pigments, leaving the bears snow white. Black bears with only one "white" gene are uncommon, indicating that white bears may prefer to mate with each other, Ritland says. The analysis, reported in the journal Current Biology, should help the Canadian government develop better conservation plans for the animal.

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