Photos From Chiapas

Scott Sady
Copyright © 1997 by Scott Sady

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Photographer Scott Sady's excellent photographs were taken in Chiapas. The original collection contains many photos of the Zapatistas, their communities, police attacks on journalists, and the military, as well as others on various aspects of Mexican culture, tourism and a children's workshop. (Note: written by Harry Cleaver, author of ZAPATISTAS IN CYBERSPACE, A Guide to Analysis & Information)

"For Scott Sady, a photojournalist based in Chiapas and Guatemala, the Internet has proven to be a place where he can "display photos not used by AP, and... tell some of the things I knew but could not publish mainstream because I couldn't back them up with the proper quotes or evidence acceptable."

"If you look at the sheer magnitude of the number of sites dedicated to the Zapatistas, I think you will see that this was THE conflict where Internet propaganda cut its teeth and proved effective."   Quoted from: Zapatistas and the Internet by Christopher Scheer

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