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The time of Wabun begins with the Spring equinox, the beginning of our solar year. The "times" of Wabun are the times of new beginnings: the time of Dawn, of Spring, of early Childhood, of Birth, the bursting forth of all new things with renewed energy.
The first three Moons are under the direct influence of the East. If your Moon is Budding Trees, Frogs Return, or Cornplanting Moon, then your special Spirit Keeper is Wabun. But you also need to realize that all the Spirit Keepers are there for you, each with their special gifts and lessons, each with their own time, in a day, in a year, in our lives.

The Stone for Wabun is placed in the Outer Circle marked out for the Medicine Wheel -- exactly in the cardinal direction East; or as near as you can reckon it. On March 21st of each year Father Sun is directly East. This is the date of the Spring Equinox, meaning that Father Sun is halfway between his southernmost point of (apparent) travel and his northernmost point: an equal distance between the two points. This is also when Father Sun is exactly (as much as anything is :o) in the East.

The beautiful, majestic (and endangered) Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) is the animal Totem for Wabun. Eagle soars high, higher than any other physical being. And yet from this lofty height He can see the mouse far below. At the same time He sees the whole picture. The first gift of Wabun which Golden Eagle can help you realize is Clarity. Ask Wabun to help you soar high, close to Creator, and gain Wisdom. Higher yet, till you gain the Light of Illumination.

Golden Eagle has information about this Eagle; also links to other Eagle pages.   For the guidance and lessons given by Eagle, see The Eagle on Spirit Bear's Tipi - Totem Animal pages.

Nicotiana x sanderae (Domino Mix)
Dr. Leonard Perry,  Dept. Plant and 
Soil Science, University of Vermont
Old Style Tobacco Twist, Sweet $5.00 ea. 
Pipestone Museum Online Gift Shop
Pipestone, MN   Phone: (507) 825-2563 
Nicotiana x sanderae (Domino Mix)   image
from Dr. Leonard Perry, University of Vermont
Old Style Tobacco Twist, Sweet
Pipestone Museum Online Gift Shop

The plant Totem for East is Tobacco, considered to be one of the most sacred by Native Americans. Tobacco is one of the main plants used in ceremony. The chosen task of Tobacco is to carry communications to Creator. Working with Spirit of Tobacco brings clarity and transforms negativity. It is also good used as an offering in return for gifts from the Earth Mother, like sources of food, shelter materials, or a Stone or a Feather or other item that is gifted you. Tobacco is usually the Gift given to a Spiritual Leader or Healer when asking for prayers, a healing, teaching, or counseling. It is also used in smudge mixtures, to honor Spirit Keeper of the East, to transform negativity, and to carry prayers to the Spirit world. When not used in a sacred manner Tobacco is a poison, as most of us know.

Please click on the Tobacco Twist Photo above or the Sacred Pipe Photo below and visit the Pipestone Museum Online Gift Shop. This Museum is located in Pipestone, MN, where Catlinite is quarried. All of their inventory is obtained from American Indian craftspeople, and has been gathered, prepared, and/or crafted in a sacred manner.

True Catlinite Plains Pipe
Pipestone Museum Online Gift Shop
Pipestone, MN   Phone: (507) 825-2563 
True Catlinite Plains Pipe with decorated stem
Pipestone Museum Online Gift Shop, Pipestone, MN

The mineral for the East is Catlinite (Red Pipestone), a companion to Tobacco. True Catlinite is smooth to touch and carves easily, "even with a regular pen-knife". This Catlinite has been quarried at the Sacred Quarries in Pipestone, MN, by the original Peoples of Turtle Island and their descendants for many thousands of years. It was and is taken carefully and prayerfully from Mother Earth. The art-craft of quarrying this Sacred Pipestone was almost lost during the past many years of cultual suppression. But a few families continued to pass down the knowledge and some descendants are still working the Sacred Quarries today. The Sacred Quarries are also open to ALL Native American People. To read and understand more about this Sacred Stone, the Quarries it comes from and Pipes, please see Catlinite on the Little Feather Center Website. The links to Quarry and Pipe information, and other interesting information, are on the right hand menu.

As stated in Dancing With The Wheel, Pipestone is for peace, beginnings, wisdom, truth, and harmony. Carry Pipestone, sit in meditation with it, or even put a piece under your pillow, to help you with communication with Spirit.
Note: Both Ceremonial and personal pipes are also carved from Serpentine, Soapstone (often the darker varieties) and Alabaster.

The Colors for the East are usually Red, Gold, or Yellow, depending on the tradition you learned. I have noticed that Red is common in the West, and Yellow or Gold are more common in the East part of the country. Sun Bear uses Red and Gold for the East direction. Yellow, the Color that I use, is used by most groups in my area.

This beautiful Golden Eagle for Wabun is "A close view of a golden eagle, Aquila chrysaetas, in late afternoon sunlight, USA October 1993", original photo by W. Perry Conway. I purchased a 318X480 pixel size from for only $3.00 USD, and enlarged it to 800 pixels width and proportional height.

Golden Eagle Golden Eagle Preparing to Land, Boulder, Colorado, USA, ca. 1996. Tom Brakefield, Image ID: BF001045 This last link connects to Corbis search. Enter "golden+eagles" for many beautiful photos.

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NOTE: The description of the positions and totems and their meanings given on these pages is meant only as an introduction, and not a complete explanation. Meditate and study further for a more complete understanding. Sun Bear Medicine Wheel is NOT the Medicine Wheel of any Native Nation (Tribe), but comes from a Vision given to Sun Bear by Grandfather.

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