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clear.gif The description of the positions and totems and their meanings given on these pages is meant only as an introduction, and not a complete explanation. Meditate and study further for a more complete understanding. Sun Bear Medicine Wheel is NOT the Medicine Wheel of any Native Nation (Tribe), but comes from a Vision given to Sun Bear by Grandfather.


Father Sun Sign

Sun Symbol DEDICATED TO FATHER SUN: The first Stone of the center Circle around the Stone to honor Creator. It is placed just South of the Eastern direction, a few inches to a foot or so from the center Stone.

In the books by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind the first Stone placed in the center Circle around Creator is the one for Mother Earth. But I place Father Sun in this first position because I feel that he is the most powerful and important. Without the light and energy given by Father Sun, Mother Earth could not give birth to all her children. She would be barren.

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Lizards are reptiles of the suborder Sauria or Lacertilia, with more than 3000 species in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They differ from amphibians in that they have dry, scaly skin, and most have clawed feet and external ear openings. Lizards are generally small, with four legs and a long tapering tail. In diet, they range from insectivores to vegetarians to carnivores. An interesting defense mechanism of many species is to display colors that blend in with the environment. Generally harmless, Lizards benefit humans by controlling insect populations. They love to bask in the wonderful warm rays of Father Sun. Some of the lessons we learn from Lizard are cheer, warmth, optimism and adaptability.

Sunflower courtesy of 
Stanford Solar Center, 
'Sun On Earth' The plant totem for Father Sun is the beautiful Sunflower who is renown for loving Father Sun. Various parts of Sunflower are good for the heart, kidneys, skin and hair.

Please click on the Sunflower picture to visit Stanford Solar Center's page "The Sun On Earth", for some excellent general information (not spiritual, but we can learn from it) regarding Father Sun.
To read some interesting (and fun) information about Sunflowers, visit Stacie's Sunflower Page. Both of the above pages will come up in new windows that you can close to continue here.

Open Amethyst geode 
Collection: Hershel Friedman 
Photograph: Hershel Friedman 
Two halves of a sliced open Amethyst geode.
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The "mineral" totem is an open Geode. Geodes are round stones with a cavity lined with quartz or amethyst, usually, but not always. The Eagle is said to fly skyward toward Father Sun to bring messages from humans to the Creator. They have been known to put Geodes in their nests - showing a special relationship between Father Sun, Geodes, and Eagles. Geodes increase energy and brain activity. Carrying this stone and/or meditating with it will help us to connect with the vitality, creativity and energy of Father Sun, and help teach us other qualities and/or knowledge he has to share with us.

Meditating on and connecting with any of these totem Spirits will help us learn lessons regarding action, creativity, energy, and in understanding the Masculine principle.

The color for the Stone honoring Father Sun is Deep Sky Blue. This color "honors the sky home of Father Sun and reminds us that blue is one of the colors of fire burning hot, without impurities." Encourages spirituality, good for ceremony and meditation, healing for the soul and the body's energy systems.


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