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Vision Seeker
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Waboose's time starts with the Winter solstice, when Father Sun is at the southernmost point of his journey, the shortest day of the year. Her times are Midnite to Dawn, Winter, the elder time of life and around to birth or rebirth.

The most honored White Buffalo is the animal manifestation of Waboose, often equated with White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman.

The Stone for Waboose is placed due North in the outer Circle, exactly opposite the Stone for Shawnodese of the South. The three Moons of Waboose are those of Winter: the Earth Renewal Moon, the Rest and Cleansing Moon and the Big Winds Moon. If one of these is "your" moon, then Waboose and her path or gifts of Cleansing, Renewal, and Purity are the most relevant for you. But remember, all of the Spirit Keepers are there for you, and different assistance is needed at different times. We need to learn as many of the gifts as we can.

(Hierochloe odorata), 
Northern Prairie, 
Wildlife Research Center
Sweetgrass Credit 
Photo: Robyn Klein

Sweetgrass is the plant kingdom totem for the North. Sweetgrass not only sustained the Buffalo,
but is the most popular ceremonial and smudge plant today, next to Sagebrush.   Sweetgrass draws in positive energies and calls the ancestors.

Here is excellent information: SWEETGRASS (Hierochloe odorata) - and you can even purchase organically grown plants to start your own plot of Sweetgrass. See also, the article Sweetgrass by Marie Burke, Buffalo Spirit Writer.

Alabaster Varieties 
Cardinal Stoneworks, 
11387, 124th Street, 
Surrey, BC, Canada, V3V 4V3 
phone:  (604) 580-3264      
fax:  (604) 580-3222
Alabaster in a variety of colors from Cardinal Stoneworks

The mineral totem for Waboose is Alabaster. Alabaster is a gypsum based stone. Because it is easy to carve and takes a beautiful matte or polished finish, it has been used for many thousands of years for both Sacred and decorative carvings. Please visit Cardinal Stoneworks webpage (above) to see examples of many unsusal and varied colors of Alabaster.
Carry a small piece of Alabaster on your person and/or meditate with Alabaster to learn about gentleness with strength, purity, high ideals, peace, and the give away.

The color for the Stone of the North and the Sacred White Buffalo is the color of Winter in the north, the color of the hair on the heads of our wise elder Grandmothers and Grandfathers, White. This color helps to cleanse, renew and purify your body, mind and Spirit.


Sun Bear Medicine Wheel is NOT the Medicine Wheel of any Native Nation (Tribe), but comes from a Vision given to Sun Bear by Grandfather.   Waboose/North is the fourth and last Direction Stone in this Wheel since here we use the East as the starting point, the beginning of the Circle. We now place a Stone for each "Moon" of the Solar year. The first one (and Next page) is Budding Trees Moon, the first Moon of Wabun, which begins with the Spring Equinox.
Remember that in his book Sun Bear started in the North, so if you follow that way, when you build or honor your wheel you start the Direction Stones with Waboose. You will finish the directions with the West, and start the Circle of Moons with Earth Renewal Moon, the first Moon of Waboose, which begins with the Winter Solstice, the time when Father Sun starts his return journey from the south.


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