Sun Bear Medicine Wheel is NOT the Medicine Wheel of any Native Nation (Tribe), but comes from a Vision given to Sun Bear by Grandfather.
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Third Gift from Spirit Keeper of the North


In the Sun Bear Medicine Wheel the Stone honoring Purity is the Third Stone in the path from the Spirit Keeper of the North to the Center Circle and Creator. In your Wheel building ceremony, when you have placed this Stone, your Medicine Wheel is complete. Complete your ceremony with Drumming, Singing, and Prayers, in whatever way you are led by Grandfather and your guardian Spirits, whether you build your Wheel alone, with Family, or with a Group. There are excellent directions/suggestions on this in Dancing With The Wheel,  by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind.

The animal Spirit for the Gift of Purity is Dolphin.
Dolphin . . . . . . visions of expanses of open sea, a beautiful pure creature who is always smiling cavorting playfully . . . . . . . following a ship, swimming with humans near shore . . . . . . . . a being of pure heart who has been known to give help to men in distress . . . . . . . . a being willing to befriend and help other creatures of Mother Earth. This last is something that two-leggeds need to learn most urgently.

Dolphin is an oxygen breathing mammal, who gives live birth to young after a preganancy of 11 or 12 months, whose brain is equal in size to, or larger than, man's, and who spends his entire life in the water - mainly the oceans of Mother Earth. Dolphins are of the scientific family Delphinidae. They are related to Whale, but are generally smaller, and have well-defined, beaklike snouts and conical teeth. Dolphins have a very close-knit society, are very affectionate and family loving. They live in groups of varying size, anywhere from a few members to (it is estimated) tens of thousands of members. They locate food (fish and squid) and objects by using the returning echoes from high-frequency clicks they send out that bounce off prey and other objects. Called echolocation. They appear to communicate by sounds that seem like whistles and squeals to humans, as well as with sounds that are beyond our hearing range.

In the process of looking around the Internet for information on Dolphin, I found two sites worth recommending (am sure there are lots of others too!). One is David's Dolphin Images. He loves both Dolphins and photography and has some excellent photos. The second site, Regina Blackstock's Dolphins and Man.....Equals? is full of interesting information and stories about Dolphins. The following two quotes are from her article:
"After hearing so much good about dolphins, it's time to hear some of the bad. Right? Since I did want to produce a true picture I tried to look for some negative facts. Would you believe I really couldn't find any!"
"C.S. Lewis, in Perelandra (book two of his space trilogy), wrote about a planet where God had created two intelligent species . . . . one that walked on the ground and one that swam in the oceans. What if . . . . . . ."

Beautiful Dolphins 
by Christina Bartsch
Christina Bartsch painting from gloworks graphics©

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Trillium spp., Biology 130 Plant ID,
Trillium spp. - Biology 130 Plant ID
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Sweet Trillium  (Trillium albidum) 
Sweet Trillium (Trillium albidum)
Montara Mountain

The Plant for Purity is Trillium, a beautiful pure plant of woods and garden. Trillium is Native to North America. There are a number of different kinds. Some of the better known are white wake-robin (Trillium grandiflorum) and nodding trillium (Trillium cernuum) of eastern North America and dwarf white trillium (Trillium nivale) of central United States. The Sweet Trillium pictured above, right, is native to Montara Mountain on the California coast. Certain other Trillium are also known as birthroot and ground lily.

At one time the root of Trillium was powdered and boiled, used as a tincture, tea, poultice, and herbal bath. It was used as an effective pain reliever and to clean (purify) wounds. However, Trillium has become very rare due to destruction of its natural habitats, and should not be used at all until, and if, it has had time to recover and propagate.

Show your respect for Trillium by protecting it should you discover an area where it is growing. Honor Trillium by asking for its recovery in your prayers, and by remembering this delicate, pristine, herb during your meditations when seeking to understand or gain Puity.

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Herkimer Diamond:  
The Crystal Ball Inc.  
1918 E. Capitol Dr. 
Shorewood, Wi. 53211 
toll free order line
Copyright © 1999, 2000
The Crystal Ball Inc. .
Used with permission

Herkimer Diamond is the perfect mineral to help bring us the Gift of Purity. This is a beautiful, clear, natural crystal. It comes out of the ground, or pockets in stone, already formed and faceted by Earth Mother - from only one place in the world - Herkimer, upper New York State, US. To learn more about this very special Stone go to What Are Herkimer Diamonds? on the Herkimer Diamond Mines, Inc site. This page also opens in a new window; you can close it after viewing if you wish to stay at sites.

Like many other minerals, Herkimer Diamond is also a recorder Stone, with impressions of the past, present, and future. It can help you to remember past lives if needed in the purification process; also helps with psychic and prophetic abilities. Place a Herkimer Diamond under your pillow, or include in a dream pillow, to purify your dreams. When you are meditating on the Gift of Puity, this Stone assists you in obtaining Purity of mind, of body and of spirit.

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Translucent White is the color associated with the third Spirit Path position of the North - Purity. This is the pure opaque white of tiny clouds.  It is not possible to portray this color properly here.   This White is good for purifying the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies of disharmony and imbalance.  This color dissipates disruptive energies and chaos, alleviates dissension, and quiets emotional upheaval.  Translucent White is calming and teaches about truth and innocence.  It is a tool of Spirit for encouraging the highest good.

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