Background Images
Opening body tag "attributes"

In order to make a Background on your page, using the HTML Builder (or anywhere else) you need to understand a little more about the <BODY> tag.
Here is the Opening Body tag for this page: <body background="images/canvas.gif" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#191970" link="#0000FF" vlink="#8A2BE2" alink="#FF0000"> Here you can see the "attributes" that have been added to the basic <BODY> tag. These attributes are:
background="url of image to use"
bgcolor="hexadecimal color code" page color Note
text="hexadecimal color code"
link="hexadecimal color code"
vlink="hexadecimal color code" visited link
alink="hexadecimal color code" active link

You can use any, any combination, or all of these Body Tag Attributes on a page.
The quotation marks are important. If a page does not look as it should, check for missing quotes, brackets, misspellings, missing closing tags, etc.

HTML Builder makes a plain <body> tag, without attributes, when you click on Generate Source. Just add whatever attributes you want to this <body> tag by typing them in. You can even Copy and Paste in the Body Tag shown above, for this page, if you wish. Then click on View again.

Change just the name of the Background in the 'background attribute' and Click on View again!
Try this with other things too, like the color codes.
Try the Color Picker Body Tag Maker. Copy and paste that Body Tag in place of the simple <body> tag made by HTML Builder.


"Tiles" are little squares, a browser repeats them, so they appear as a single background like this one.
The format to use in the <body> tag in HTML Builder for any of these backgrounds is background="images/name.gif or name.jpg"

The first three do not need a credit.


bgetile.gif Credit line for this tile: Background by <a href=""></a> Above HTML will look like this on your page:
Background by

Copy and paste above code in your "editor".


A white page with a pretty green design border on the left.

This makes a black background, with a beautiful Turkey feather down the left hand side. Please if you use this one, give credit as shown below. I did not make this and do not wish to pass it along without showing you how they want credit, as follows.

<a href=""><img src="images/wsback.gif"></a>
The above html links this image to his site.
Please, if you use the Turkey Feather background, right-click on this image and save it to your hard drive, upload to your site and use to credit the artist.

Table for use with Border Backgrounds.


Note re: bgcolor="hexadecimal color code"   you can use a background color alone or with a background image (ex. background="images/canvas.gif"). Used with a background tile jpg or gif or a border background jpg or gif, the color will show while the image is loading.

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