This is the basic setup of a page that I designed with Color Picker. It is very easy to use. Here is the Body Tag it made for me. <BODY BGCOLOR="#000000" BACKGROUND="images/back05.jpg" TEXT="#FFFFCC" LINK="#CC99FF" VLINK="#FFCC66" ALINK="#00FF00"> <!--This is in COMMENT tags: BODY tag by Color Picker *** *** *** --> RIGHT CLICK. CHOOSE VIEW SOURCE FROM THE POP-UP MENU, TO SEE THE HTML FOR THIS PAGE.

After you choose your colors, etc. using Color Picker Body Tag Maker, copy the "Body Tag" information generated from the Right hand Frame, and then paste it to the page you are creating, using Notepad or other text editor.

If you paste it in Notepad and use "Save As" to Save where you can find it, you can easily copy and paste it in your Online Editor, wherever you are creating your page.

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