Making Links Information

Making a link is really quite easy. The tag for this is called an "Anchor". <a href="">Sanctuary4u Homepage Hosting</a>
this is the start of the Anchor or "Link"

this means something like "hypertext reference"

the href is equal to the address, I was taught to use quotes. The HTML Builder does not.

have to end this beginning part with this bracket as in the example above

Sanctuary4u Homepage Hosting
this is the words of the Link that become the underlined Link color and show on the Page

this is the closing Anchor tag. If you forget it, the whole rest of the page will be a link to whatever address you put in the first part!
Here is a complete link put together again: <a href="">HTML Builder</a> Here is how the example Links (Anchors) look on a Web page:
Sanctuary4u Homepage Hosting
HTML Builder

You can also do the second Example like this
<a href="htmlbuilder.html">HTML Builder</a>
because that file (page) is in the same Directory as this file (page).