This "template" can be used over and over again to build HTML documents (Web pages). After you save it as .txt file as explained below, you simply Open it, "Save As" newfilename.html or newfilename.txt, put your own information and words in as explained in the Template itself, in place of the explanation. After you have originally used "Save As" with a new filename you can "Save" as you go along.

Directions to obtain and keep Template:

  1. Open a blank Notepad document on your computer.
  2. Using your cursor, highlight everything below that is between the two horizontal lines.
  3. Right Click anywhere on the highlighted text, and choose "Copy" to click on, from the pop-up menu.
  4. Paste in the blank Notepad document on your desktop.
  5. Click on "File", top left, Click on "Save As"
  6. Name this file "Web Page Template.txt"
  7. Make a new folder in My Documents and save it there. Or if you wish, save it anywhere convenient for you, where you can find it.

<html> <HEAD> <TITLE>PAGE TITLE GOES HERE</TITLE> <script src="/__utm.js" type="text/javascript"></script> </head> <body background="IMAGE FOLDER AND FILENAME GO HERE" text=TEXT COLOR NAME OR NUMBER HERE link=LINK COLOR HERE vlink=VISITED LINK COLOR HERE> <!--USE ONLY PARTS OF BODY TAG YOU NEED--> <font size=4> <CENTER> <h1><font color=#FF0000>PAGE TITLE GOES HERE IF WANTED</font></h1> <!--DELETE SIZE HEADER NOT WANTED - CHANGE COLOR AS DESIRE--> <h1>HEADER 1</h1> <h2>HEADER 2</h2> <h3>HEADER 3</h3> </CENTER> <b>CODE FOR BOLD TEXT</b> <i>CODE FOR ITALIC TEXT</i> <p> THIS MAKES A PARAGRAPH - A WHITE SPACE BEFORE THIS LINE. NO CLOSING TAG NEEDED. <BR> THIS MAKES A LINE BREAK - BEGINS NEW LINE, NO WHITE SPACE BETWEEN. <p> <hr>THIS MAKES A HORIZONTAL LINE ACROSS PAGE <CENTER> <p> <img src="images/JPG OR GIF FILE NAME" width=100 height=100 alt="alternate text for image here" border=0> <!--NO QUOTES NEEDED ON IMAGE SIZES--> <!--ABOVE IS CODE FOR IMAGES--> </CENTER> <p> <a href=http://www.ewebtribe.com/>THIS IS A SAMPLE LINK. TEXT FOR LINK GOES HERE</a> <hr> <font size=2>Some of my favorite links:<BR> <ul><!--CODE FOR UNORDERED LIST IF NEEDED--> <LI><a href=http://javascriptsource.com>The JavaScript Source</a><BR> <LI><a href=http://www.sanctuary4u.com/>SAMPLE LINK</a><BR> </ul><!--CLOSING TAG FOR LIST--> </font> <hr> Questions? Comments? E-Mail me: <address> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript"> <!-- Begin user = "webmaster"; site = "ewebtribe.com"; document.write('<a href="mailto:' + user + '@' + site + '">') // End --> </SCRIPT>Webmaster</a> </address> </font> </body> </html> <!--NOTE: BE SURE TO CLOSE ALL FONT TAGS, </font>, WHEN CHANGING SIZE OR COLOR, OR WILL SHOW IN REST OF DOCUMENT--> <!--NOTE: MAKE SURE THE CLOSING body AND html TAGS ARE LAST CODE OF DOCUMENT-->

Questions? Comments? E-Mail me: