This is where your text and graphics go. The previous two Backgrounds are just background.

The code used here is quite different than the other two Examples, but produces what looks like the same result. Still needs BODY background=... and TWO tables.

Right Click and then click on "View Source".

The HTML for this page will come up in Notepad.

All the instuctions and explanations are in comment tags on this "Source".

Go to "File" (top left of Notepad window) and choose "Save As". You can save as either an .html file or a .txt file. Either way you will have the HTML table codes for Triple Backgrounds on your computer where you can both study it and copy it to use on your pages.

Be sure to BROWSE to a location of your choice before clicking on 'Save'. By this time you should have a Folder on your Hard Drive or on a Floppy where you have all your HTML Templates (as .txt or .html) to copy from for your own Web pages.

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The background tiles seen on this page came with programs I use.