Uploading files to your Web site:

with FTP program or from your site (HTTP)

FTP = File Transfer Protocol

Using FTP to transfer your files is really quite easy, and much faster than using the "Upload" function/tool provided by your Web site host. I used my host's Upload for almost a year before I tried FTP. I was really sorry I waited so long, because it truly is easier.

Screenshot #1 of WS_FTP LE
This picture shows the "box" where you enter connecting information after you click on "Connect" - top left. Click 'Apply' when done and it is saved. Click the "Startup" tab to enter the path to the Directory to use on you computer.

Profile Name:
This is an identifying name. You can put NBCi, Sanctuary4u, My Club pages - whatever will identify this site for you.
Host Name/Address:
You will have to check for the proper address in information provided by your Web site's Host. Most are not like you see here. Here are some examples: ftp.tripod.com, ftp.nbci.com, ftp.hometown.aol.com.
Host Type
Automatic detect is usually proper - refers to type of computer system your Website is on.
User ID:
This is your username for where you have signed up.
The same password you use to sign into your Website File Manager.
Click OK at bottom to connect.

Screenshot #2 of WS_FTP LE
This is a picture of WS_FTP LE uploading a file.

There is more and better information available on the WS_FTP site below. Just wanted you to see that it is not that complicated or difficult to use FTP.

WS_FTP LE is free for 
non-business use only Download WS_FTP LE - free for non-business use only

WS_FTP LE Support

Screenshot #1 of Leech FTP
This is a picture of the LeechFTP "connect information" box.

Screenshot #2 of Leech FTP
This is a picture of LeechFTP uploading several files at once. I should have moved the scrollbar for the Threads running section so you could see a couple more.

Our favorite - Leech FTP by Jan DebisDownload Leech FTP   An excellent FREE program. I like better than WS_FTP due to drag and drop feature, as well as other pluses. Easy to use.

HTTP = HyperText Transfer Protocol
uploading files from your online site/file/manager

All of the Web site providers that I've had experience with provide an "Upload tool/function/page". For your Web site host, just look around til you see it. Here are a couple examples.

Screenshot of AT&T Upload page at their Personal Web Pages Publishing Server
AT&T Personal Web Pages only uploads one file at a time. Some other Web space providers do the same and some will upload several files at one time.

Screenshot of NBCi Files
After signing up with NBCi My Website, you will be able to access your "filestore". Click on "upload" in the blue menu on the left, which will take you to their Upload page.
Screenshot of NBCi Upload

Screenshot of 50megs Member Area.
After you have signed up with 50megs, when you "Sign In" you will be in the "Member Area." Click on Work on My Site in the Menu to the left and you will go to a page titled Build My Site with these choices

>     Manage Files: The File Manager lets you view all the files in your Web space and rename, move, copy, or delete them. You can also use our HTML editor to view and edit the code behind your Web pages.

>     Site Copier: Copy a web site that you have somewhere else.

You click on "Manage Files"; here is a Screenshot of 50megs File Manager, showing Upload link/command.

Have shown several samples here to demonstrate how Web site Hosts differ, but still offer the same basic tools. You just have to look around after you have signed up somewhere, to find the Upload, or other tool you want to use.

The links at the bottom of this page open the above images in a FULL SIZE Browser window.

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ZipFree 2000 is easy to use, efficient, and FREE.
I like it best of programs tried.

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