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The Previous GeoCities ToS

Compare what follows with the new Yahoo ToS.

GeoCities is not responsible for the content of any Personal Home Page, and the opinions and views expressed in the Personal Home Pages do not necessarily reflect those of GeoCities. We reserve the right to remove any page from the system. The contents of the Personal Home Pages are not reviewed in any way before they appear in GeoCities.

Members are solely responsible for everything contained in the Personal Home Pages. GeoCities does not verify, endorse, or otherwise vouch for the contents of any Personal Home Page. Members can be held legally liable for the contents of their Personal Home Pages, and may be held legally accountable if their Personal Home Page includes defamatory comments, or copyrighted material without the permission of the author.

Material that is grossly offensive to the Web community including blatant expressions of bigotry, racism, or hatred is not permitted within GeoCities. We prohibit pages that promote illegal activities or physical harm or injury against any group or individual. We also prohibit the use of free Personal Home Pages for commercial purposes, and pages that contain pornographic material are expressly forbidden. We do not allow restricted or password access, hidden pages or pictures, use of the page as storage for remote loading, nor as a door or signpost to another server.

Members who are in violation of these policies may be deleted and their pages may be removed without warning.

We allocate up to 2 megabytes of disk space for each free Personal Home Page, and we also allocate bandwidth based on current requirements  and future growth needs.

The purpose of the free Personal Home Page program is to give people the ability to create a home on the World Wide Web that reflects their interests, hobbies and background. If you want to promote your consulting service as well, that's generally fine if your page is also about other things.

The terms of this offer are subject to change at any time without notice. This free offer does not apply to connect time or other charges incurred by the user from their service provider while accessing GeoCities or creating a Personal Home Page. GeoCities reserves the right to use images of homesteader pages for promotional and other purposes.
NOTE: I, catherine, changed the previous sentence to RED for attention. This is the only condition in the old Geo ToS that comes even close to Yahoos section #8 terms.

Last modified January 29, 1996