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Butterfly Welcome

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Dedicated to Butterfly
for the Element Air

The Stone honoring Butterfly is the 6th Stone in the Center Circle. It is placed in a due North position, near the Creator Stone. Beings influenced by Butterfly are always moving, like air, except when undergoing transformation (metamorphosis). From Butterfly we learn about transformation and change.

Butterfly Weed, 
Asclepias tuberosa
Biology 130 Plant ID, 
biology.uwsp.edu/plantid/ Yellow Butterfly Weed Butterfly Weed Blossom, 
Asclepias tuberosa
Biology 130 Plant ID, 
Butterfly Weed
Biology 130 Plant ID
Yellow Butterfly Weed - Maidenfaire
Biology 130 Plant ID

The plant totem for Butterfly is, :o), Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa), also known as milkweed or pleurisy weed. It is an agent that stimulates healing and transformation. In small doses, the root is good for lung aiments.

There are additional photos (and larger) on the Biology Plant ID page. Click on photo above. That page comes up in a new window which you can close and still be here.

Azurite from Sun Angel Innovations: Joyful Alternatives for Spiritual Self Help

The mineral, Azurite, is a beautiful blue color, ranging from pale to an almost purple hue. It, too, can aid in transformation, especially the Mental part of your being. Carrying this Stone and/or meditating with it will help you develop your psychic abilities, aid inspiration, and increase your energy.

Azurite image by Sun Angel
used with permission

The Color for Element of Air is a clear translucent with a hint of blue. This color bespeaks and teaches gentleness, faith, tenderness, love, and peace. It is good for inner child work and "especially good for healing the spirit."

More information on Butterflies, Azurite, and Butterfly Weed may be added in the future.


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