Sun Bear Medicine Wheel is NOT the Medicine Wheel of any Native Nation (Tribe),
but comes from a Vision given to Sun Bear by Grandfather.


First Gift from Spirit Keeper of the East


Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Our tiny but beautiful friend, the Hummingbird, is the totem for Clarity. There are more than 300 different kinds of Hummingbirds native to the Americas. Most live in the tropical parts of South America, and only the Ruby-throated nests east of the Mississippi. This Hummingbird migrates, flying non-stop across the Gulf of Mexico each year!
Hummingbirds build cup shaped nests covered with lichens, spiderwebs, and little pieces of bark. They attach these to a branch like a small saddle. They are the only birds who can fly backwards, as well as hover almost at a standstill while gathering nectar with a long tongue.
Many Native peoples see the sacred Hummingbird "as a symbol of getting to the heart of a matter, of clarifying an issue, as the tiny Hummingbird so quickly gets to the nectar" deep in the heart of a flower. (Quote from "Dancing With The Wheel" by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind. Hummingbird facts learned in Encarta® 98 Desk Encyclopedia ©, Microsoft Bookshelf 98 CD)

Rosemary photo from Garden Guides Rosemary is our plant totem for this gift of Spirit. Drink Rosemary tea when you need to clear your mind - to think clearly. Placing some Rosemary in your dream pillow, or just under your pillow will help you to dream clearly, and to remember them as well.

For excellent information about the uses, cultivation, harvesting, recent scientific research, (and much more), of Rosemary please bring up Garden Guides - Rosemary This page will come up in a new window, which you can close when you are finished, and continue with these Sun Bear Wheel pages.
Quote from Garden Guides: "Scientists at the University of Cincinnati say that the scent of rosemary is an effective memory stimulant. This might make a nice potted plant for your desk at work, or where the kids do their homework!"

Mica photo from
Mica, so silvery, soft, and beautiful is the Mineral for this step in the Path to Creator. Using Mica alleviates confusion and hesitation, and brings clarity to the situation. Mica also radiates calmness, peace, and insight to those who honor and use this mineral Spirit.
Please visit The Mica Group of Minerals, the source of this photo, for additional scientific information on Mica as a mineral. This page also comes up in a new window.

The color for this position, the first in the Spirit Path from the East, is Translucent Clear, like the wings of our Hummingbird when hovering.  East in the Wheel is also the time of Spring.  You can also think of this color as like that of raindrops falling on a warm spring day.  "Dancing With The Wheel" says that this color is  "good to work with for spiritual support when your brain says no, but your heart and spirit say yes."

NOTE: The description of the positions and totems and their meanings given on these pages is meant only as an introduction, and not a complete explanation. Meditate and study further for a more complete understanding.
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