Sun Bear Medicine Wheel is NOT the Medicine Wheel of any Native Nation (Tribe),
but comes from a Vision given to Sun Bear by Grandfather.

Second Gift from Spirit Keeper of the East

W i s d o m

Wisdom is the gift from the Spirit Keeper of the East that is represented and honored by the second, or middle Stone, of the "path" from the East to the center circle and Creator.

The wonderful sage old Owl is the animal totem for Wisdom. Owl has been the symbol of Wisdom in many cultures for many generations. Sage photo from Garden Guides

The plant totem for this position is Sage, another ancient representation of Wisdom. This is the Sage of the mint family, not the Desert Sage that is the totem for the Southern Spirit Keeper. Sage makes a wonderful tea, helping to cleanse and guard against colds due to its antiseptic qualities. This is also the sage that is used for culinary seasoning.

For excellent information about the uses, cultivation, harvesting, and some recent scientific research of Sage please bring up Garden Guides - Sage This page will come up in a new window, which you can close when you are finished, and continue with these Sun Bear Wheel pages.

Jade, beautiful green Jade, is the mineral totem for this quality. Use Jade to help bring you Wisdom, and to help you be wise in your decisions and life style.

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The Jade of the Americas, the mineral nephrite, is found in most states, from Alaska to Mexico, with the largest deposits being in Wyoming. Nephrite is a silicon compound of calcium and magnesium, with a small amount of iron mixed in.
Wyoming's Apple Green Nephrite Jade is especially beautiful, and becoming increasingly rare, as the supply that was found and collected between 1932 and the 1960's seems to be almost gone.
Wyoming's Apple Green Nephrite Jade is not unlike the wild west it self, it has observed a torrid and short history
Apple Green Nephrite Jade owned by David W. Freeman
7/28/01: David's site is missing. This image linked to Wyoming State Geological Survey page.

For more information about Wyoming Jade and its history please visit Wind River Originals, or Jade on the Geology-University of Texas site. To view beautiful Wyoming Jade bowls at the Smithsonian, Click here Both these pages are fairly short, and will come up in a new window which can be closed to continue here.

Jade helps with prayer, ceremony, meditation, and dream interpretation. It can promote fertility and assist in birthing. Jade increases stamina so one can lead a long strong life. Meditating with, or working with (carving, etc.) Jade can bring the serenity that is necessary for making good decisions - drawn from one's deepest wisdom. Serenity, courage, justice and wisdom are important Spiritual Gifts gained with the assistance of Jade.

The color for this gift of the East is, of course, Jade Green. Jade comes in many shades of green, from light to almost black, like the greens on this page. My favorite is Wyoming's Apple Green Nephrite Jade; have tried to copy that color in the background behind these words. This color helps you develop the ability to use accumulated experience and knowledge in a positive manner, and invites in the wisdom of Elders. If you are in need of assistance in a situation where you need to make a wise decision, or working on obtaining this gift, use this color on you and around you. This color will also draw in compassion and joy. Color vibrations are very important, and often overlooked, in our life.

NOTE: The description of the positions and totems and their meanings given on these pages is meant only as an introduction, and not a complete explanation. Meditate and study further for a more complete understanding.
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