Sun Bear Medicine Wheel is NOT the Medicine Wheel of any Native Nation (Tribe),
but comes from a Vision given to Sun Bear by Grandfather.

First Gift from Spirit Keeper of the South

G r o w t h

Rabbit Photo from Maiden Faire's Garden
Rabbit Photo from Maiden Faire's Garden
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Growth is the gift from the Spirit Keeper of the South that is represented and honored by the first Stone of the "path" from the South to the center circle and Creator.

Our furry four-legged friend, Rabbit, is the animal Spirit totem for Growth! :o) I am sure it is obvious to all of us that this is appropriate. Ask Rabbit to come be with you when you need to learn not to fear growing beyond your present boundaries. Rabbit will also help you with productivity, listening, cunning, speed, and innocence.

Comfrey photo from Home and Garden - no longer on Internet.

The plant totem for the Gift of Growth is Comfrey. Comfrey will grow profusely and can be propagated by dividing a plant to start a new clump as well as by using its seed. A good source for information on growing Comfrey is the following site (Click Image)
Alternative Field Crops Manual Header
This page will come up in a new window, which you can close when you are finished, and continue with these Sun Bear Wheel pages. I know from personal experience that Comfrey is a powerful healing agent, good for bones and muscles, as well as sores, bruises etc. Wounds treated with Comfrey as an ingredient of salve will heal with little or no scarring. Even ones that have been stubborn to heal before the application of Comfrey. It also helps relieve the pain and stop bleeding. Comfrey penetrates and works on a deeper level, making way for the growth of healthy new tissue. It is best used externally - the skin is an excellent absorber and transmitter of healing agents. If used as a tea, use sparingly, and be sure to use only the new tender leaves, even though the mature leaves are better for external uses. There is recent information that Internal use can damage one's liver.

Fluorite on Sphalerite, Illinois

Hardin County, Illinois
Both of these natural Flourite photos are Copyright

Fluorite is the mineral totem for this Gift. Flourite is Calcium Fluroide and is known as "The Most Colorful Mineral in the World" due to its wide variety of colors: violet, blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, etc. The forms are a natural cube, as in the examples above, and natural Fluorite octahedrons. Usually they are perfect, except for damage from mining and handling, since they are not very hard. They actually seem to grow one on another, foming deposits of many crystals. Flourite is beautiful in both forms and all its colors. The violet and purple colors rival amethyst in beauty. For the best information and many photos of various colors of Flourite, please see

Meditate with Fluorite when seeking spiritual and emotional Growth. Flourite also relieves anxiety and resistance to change, to help you grow and to be wise in your decisions and life style.

The color for this gift is Violet. If you are in need of assistance in Growing or are working on obtaining this gift, use this color on you and around you. Color vibrations are very important, and often overlooked, in our life.

NOTE: The description of the positions and totems and their meanings given on these pages is meant only as an introduction, and not a complete explanation. Meditate and study further for a more complete understanding.
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