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Where? do I put my page on the Web?

Once you get in to this more, you will be amazed at the many places you can have your own Website - for free, usually with ads on your pages, or for a small fee with no ads except what you choose to put on there yourself. Here are a few suggestions.
  1. Your ISP
    Most Internet Service Providers (that's what you use to connect to the Internet) provide their customers with "space" for Web pages. Usually, they do not put ads on your pages, like the Free Servers who are not ISPs. Look around on the Home Page of your ISP for a link to information on this. It could be called Home page, Web page, Personal page, or by another name. If necessary send an email asking them if they provide this and how to access.

  2. NBCi My Website
    NBCi no longer has free web space for personal pages available, or ANY web space available for that matter!

  3. 50megs.com -- 50 MB of FREE Web space
    50megs.com is a good place. You have plenty of space and pages load pretty quickly, most of the time. I received an email in August 2001 stating that they would be charging for hosting from now on :o(

    The above link takes you to the Signup page. There was a screenshot here showing what you would see after sign-up, but with all the changes they are making, I am no longer sure it is correct.

    I was one of 50megs first members and before my domain (www.ewebtribe.com) was established, I had quite a few pages in 50megs. When I tried to access my site there yesterday (in December 2000), I found that it had been deleted due to inactivity. Can't blame them! Had not done anything there for months. So I went through the signup process again. There have been a lot of changes - all for the better! Very happy to see them prospering.
    Not wanting to take time to try their Page Builder, I clicked on the "Upload a Web Site" button. They walked me through the FTP process with easily understood information, in a 1, 2, 3 process. I believe anyone could follow these instructions. (Of course I already knew how, but wanted to check their tutorial.) If their other tutorials are as good you will not have a problem learning to use 50megs tools, File Manager, etc. The page and graphics I uploaded are at http://strspdrdncng.50megs.com/

    They did put an ad bar/banner at the top of every page, in return for providing the free Web site, but I understand the paid sites (various plans offered) will not have this ad banner.

  4. AOL Hometown
    You do not have to be an AOL member, or use AOL to connect to the Internet to have pages in AOL Hometown! On this AOL page scroll down till you see

    Click on Try Easy Designer. This will take you to the "signin/signup for Web site" page where you will see the following instruction:
    "Use a screen name and password from any of these AOL products:
    * America Online   * AOL Instant Messenger   * Personal Finance Web Center   * AOL Hometown   * My News"

    Please use Easy Designer or Advanced, NOT 1-2-3 Publish. If you use 1-2-3 Publish, you cannot use any HTML. Also you cannot edit a page made with 1-2-3 with anything except 1-2-3!

    With Easy Designer you can use some HTML that you have learned. Click on that Option in Easy Designer. You can paste a whole coded page in that editor (simple or more). Just copy the HTML for a page from where you made it or saved it, and paste into the editor. You could also upload an index.html (or other *.html) file with FTP after you get started. Click on Advanced Tools on the left (see above) to find instructions on FTP for AOL Hometown.

    They do put the Hometown AOL FRAME at the top as shown above, and it follows a visitor to every page they go to from a link on your page, even when NOT an AOL Hometown page, unless you use target="_blank" or target="_top" in the link tag like this

    <a href="http://www.ewebtribe.com" target="_top">ewebtribe.com</a> Here is a link to the page I made with Easy Designer, using my AIM name: SSDancing's Home Page   If you "View Source" you will see all the "Garbage" I talked about on the Home page of HTML Help that these type of pagemakers use. Repeating the Font tag and other tags for every line, even when there is no <BR> (BReak) is totally unecessary and very confusing. It would be better if I had copied and pasted my own HTML document or uploaded it by FTP. But I wanted an example, so here it is, "Garbage" and all!
    AOL Hometown is not my first choice, but you may like it fine.

  5. Merkury Consulting

    Merkury Consulting Banner
    Our Friends, Our Host, Their Server
    Merkury is in business to provide Information Technology Services for business and residential customers at a discount price. Our team of expert, experienced professionals, associates and tech-support staff guarantee all your needs will be met.

    You do pay a small fee, but it is worth it. No ads or popups on your own site! Can purchase your own domain name with them - also reasonable. Technical support is great!

Yahoo/Geocities and Homestead I do not recommend. The old Geocities was a great place, but Yahoos changed all that. The TOS (Terms Of Service) is still unacceptable, and I have friends with pages there who keep having access and other problems. Homestead is slow, and puts a million ad cookies on your computer. :o(   A lot of people do like their Page Builder, but it does not do as well as doing your own HTML with a good Editor on your own computer, and then uploading to your Host's server (computer). You can upload with a function for that in all of the above places or by FTP
Tripod and Angelfire are two other places that offer free webspace but be prepared for ads and pop-ups.
With all the "good" free places either closing or charging now, you may have to settle for one of the four mentioned here, or for AOL. OR pay a small amount for adfree space.
Check with your ISP first

["Editor" and "Uploading Files" (includes FTP) links are also located on HTML Builder page]


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